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Why Are Businesses Paying for Employee Six Sigma Certification?

December 23, 2011 By: azjogger Category: Human Resources, Operations, Training

By Grant Webb

With our economy performing so poorly, it is of paramount importance that  every business cut costs and ultimately improve their bottom line. Just about  every business has cash flow to gain by becoming more economical in their  spending and utilization of funds. Recently, Six Sigma Certification training  has emerged as the best methodology to implement company wide regardless of your  business type or sector.

This approach has been proven effective by just about  every entity that has implemented this type of strategy.

The end goal of applying the methods of Six Sigma practices is to reduce  waste along with service breaks or failures during any company’s business  processes. These methods include a data driven approach to monitoring,  controlling, and enhancing business performance. By virtually eliminating  product and service defects, a company can further streamline their product or  service delivery and client satisfaction.

To take this a bit further, what does it mean to implement these methods  company wide? Initially, it means you as a business have to first admit that as  a whole, your processes can improve and processes improve as employee skills  improve.

Which areas can be improved upon depends on the different processes  that are required to maintain functional flow. Obviously the larger your  business is the more processes there are in place. By at least paying for  managerial employees to obtain the various certifications offered by Six Sigma,  they can then implement product and process related improvements via their  inferior staff members.

Your ROI will be greater than your out of pocket expense

The end goal is to reduce unnecessary costs, improve  upon product or service delivery, and to turn your business into the optimally  functioning business it deserves to be. Though the costs per employee to obtain  this certification is relatively high, the return on your investment stands to  be much greater than your out of pocket expense. This is the reasoning behind  businesses paying for their employee’s to become certified in this  methodology.

While this certification is ultimately geared towards improving any  businesses functionality, it is not aimed at any one type of business. It’s  applications are vast and include but are not limited to the healthcare  industry, financial services, and information technology. When applied to  healthcare, this proven methodology eliminates steps that are not valuable,  reduces defects and variation in patient outcomes, resulting in more efficient  processes and a more consistent patient outcome.

You will learn how to implement core competencies of Six Sigma

And for financial  professionals, you will benefit by learning how to implement core competencies  of Six Sigma which will prompt you to make more informed business decisions and  guide projects that end with improved bottom-line results.

Currently the most effective method of improving business function is for  company employees to obtain their Six Sigma Certification. If you are interested in making  yourself more marketable and more profitable for any given company, you should  read up on the vast benefits of Six Sigma Training now!

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