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The Mobile Web and Why It Should Matter to You

April 14, 2012 By: azjogger Category: Marketing & Sales, Technology

By James Peltier

You’ve heard of mobile apps – now imagine getting that same portable user  experience from your website.

Mobile-enabled websites take your current web presence to new places and  heights – distilling the most important functions of your site, and optimizing  them for intuitive and natural delivery to mobile devices. With mobile web, your  users have access to your website wherever they are, meaning you’re available to  your customers anywhere and everywhere either of you go.

Why Go Mobile?

Because your audience is already there! Studies project that by 2015 there  will be over 7.1 billion mobile internet-enabled devices – nearly one for every  member of the projected world’s population forecast that year.

If you’re not already delivering your site to mobile devices, you’re missing  your audience, and it might not wait for you! The mobile web gives you the  opportunity to customize and develop your online presence, so customers can  interact with your content and information in a completely new way. This isn’t  just about fixing a perceived problem – this is about re-inventing how you  interact with your audience. It’s about meeting your readers, users, and fans on  their level; it’s about speaking their language. The mobile web is an  opportunity to recapture your audience and how you interact with it.

3 More Reasons WHY Mobile Websites Matter!

I: Mobile-friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business.  These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement (revenue, page  views, etc.) per visit for mobile users.

II: Mobile web use is exploding. By 2015,more Americans will access the web  via mobile than desktop. Building a mobile-friendly site essential for  businesses to prepare and realize the opportunity.

III: Users take action on mobile-friendly sites. 1 in 5 website visits lead  to a immediate call to the business.

Just because a website can be viewed on a smartphone does not mean it is  mobile-friendly. Mobile websites have faster download speeds, simplified  navigation, LARGER text, and are “thumb friendly,” just to name a few relevant  reasons why they are so important today.

The mobile web is rapidly expanding. More and more, consumers visit websites  via their mobile devices. And it’s projected that more than half of Americans  will own a smartphone by the end of 2011. Now that data plans are so affordable,  that’s a significant amount of users who rely on their phones looking for  businesses like YOURS.

No pinching, no zooming! Thumb friendly, one-button links to call and mapping  are invaluable features to get you more business.

To get your business mobile contact Detroit Web Productions for a free consultation. We’ll help  you achieve your marketing goals.

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