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Did you Know You Can Improve Site Traffic Using Backlinks?

April 18, 2012 By: azjogger Category: Marketing & Sales, Operations

By J. Mark Lipscomb

Getting visitors to a website is something a person would face early on in  his internet marketing career. Definitely one of the better affiliate marketer’s  techniques of building traffic or leads is by creating back-links back to one’s  website.

A definition of such process is when a person has his internet URL on someone  else’s site. This link is directing back to one’s website and could be a source  of site leads. Eventually, an individual would want to develop his own little  WWW of affiliate links which are interchangeable & revolve around his  website.

Ways one could enhance site traffic through developing  such links.

1. Writing and publishing articles. Articles could be utilized in different  ways to build links to one’s site. The secret in all of a person’s articles is  to create a writer’s resource box with a web link in it directing back to his  website.

One way is to submit articles to article listings. In such case, one will  hold a resource box with his site URL linked in it.

Blog sites are a typical means to build backlinks from articles. You could  hyperlink different keywords or phrases in article bodies to other web pages on  his website. This type of profound linking is a great way to generate repeat  traffic and keep one’s visitors on his website longer.

2. Discussion forums. Placing comments in internet forums is a means to  produce excellent backlinks. This is as well a great strategy of improving site  leads.

When you join an online forum, you would need to create a signature file.  Simply think of it as a brief classified ad wherein one could link back to his  site in it. The more internet forums a person joins in, the more of such links  he would build. There’s more to that though, as you would need to be an active  member of the forum for the strategy to work. Nowadays, the discussions  themselves would rank for different keyword or phrases that could develop an  individual excellent traffic.

3. Guest writing for blogs. Write articles and then submit them to other blog  sites. Majority of bloggers are always on the hunt for fresh content & are  eager to permit a person a couple of affiliate backlinks to one’s website in the  blogs themselves.

4. Blog site comments. Sign up with Google Alerts and get updates on Google  blogs. Check them out and post comments. Each time one does this, he’s creating  an affiliate link on top of potential site visitors from it.

Such are a tiny sample of improving site traffic using backlinks. This is a  constant project which over time could lead to a massive amount of no-cost site  leads from the links one’s getting directing back to his website.

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