Business Counsel Associates


“After reviewing the business strategy and plan you prepared for us, we were impressed with how thorough and well thought out it was. It demonstrated to us how professional and reliable your business development team is. BCA certainly delivered what was promised and we look forward to working with you again soon.”

Lam Bui, President
Complete Print Shop

“Your efforts in developing our business plan and strategy were thorough and well presented. We appreciated the professional approach and feel it represents an accurate roadmap for our future. We look forward to your further assistance in developing and implementing some of the elements of the plan as we go forward.”

David Anderson, President
Advanced Interior Electronics

“During the 10 years BCA has worked with us, we have valued your team’s professionalism, business insights and reliability. The way you have involved and responded to our employees and managment has provided a very effective working relationship. We feel it has been a valuable relationship and plan to call on you again soon to help take us the next level.”

Erik Sacks, President
The Fixture Zone

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